Espresso is made by forcing hot water, under pressure, through finely ground, dark roasted coffee. Espresso is naturally capped with a thin layer of dense, golden froth called crema.

Cappuccino is made of 1/3 espresso 1/3 steamed milk and capped with 1/3 frothed milk. Cappuccino can also be made by combining espresso with a small quantity of steamed milk, then topped with frothed milk.

Cafe-au-Lait is traditionally prepared by pouring equal amounts of hot strong coffee and hot milk into a warmed cafe-au-lait bowl.

Caffe Latte is made by using the same method for cafe-au-lait, by using a ration of 1/4 espresso to 3/4 steamed milk.

Espresso Macchiato is espresso with just a touch foamed milk on top.

Latte Macchiato is a glass half filled with hot, frothed milk, into which demitasses of espresso is slowly dribbled.

Caffe Americano is serving of espresso diluted with enough hot water to make it the strength of American coffee.

Cafe Mocha is espresso mixed with mocha or chocolate syrup and steamed milk, then topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.