zipwithmachineOur Italian made unit consists of a completely automatic top-of-the line cappuccino/ espresso machine, which is manufactured by Saeco, a division of Phillips. These machines are work horses and built to last.

Each machine consists of a top and bottom, which when bolted together, are 16” W x 21” D x 62” H. Only Zippy employees have the keys to unlock the machine.

The top half holds a fresh bean canister and grinder, along with (3) individual locked canisters. These canisters hold the powdered milk, powdered chocolate and powdered flavor of the month.

Don’t worry, the ingredients are very high quality and especially made for this type of machine. Each product is whipped and frothed fresh at the push of a button once a selection is made.

The bottom half holds a 5 gallon water jug, along with the change/bill reader.

Zippy’s is very proud to provide you with this outstanding machine to make your life a little easier and zippier.