Now you’ll no longer be late for work or devote your entire lunch break to getting a cup of coffee.

Our machines are imported from Italy, and will provide you with a choice of 8 high quality coffee and espresso drinks at the touch of a button. The Zippy machine also holds the cups, sugar and a 5 gallon Spring water jug.

Zippy’s offers Variety with the following beverages:

Black Coffee – fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee with no extras.

Coffee with Milk – fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee with frothy milk added.

Cappuccino – fresh pressed espresso with steamed milked then topped with frothed milk.

Latte – fresh pressed espresso with steamed milk.

Mochacchino – fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee with heavenly chocolate & milk mixed in.

Espresso – fresh ground, fresh pressed espresso with no extras.

Hot Chocolate – creamy hot chocolate made with frothy milk.

Special Flavor of the Month – (including but not limited to) French Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, English Toffee, Pumpkin Spice, Holiday Mint.


We start with Fresh whole coffee beans that are then Fresh-ground, Fresh-brewed into coffee’s or espresso without the gourmet price?

Zippy’s chooses to use Spring Water, rather then a plumbed water line, to give you the best tasting products possible.

No leasing or rental fees!

There are no leasing or rental fees involved with a Zippy machine. We
charge for consumption of the beverages only.

We do all the work for you!

Stocking—no time, money or inventory needed on your end. We provide all the necessary supplies, which means no supplies overhead for you or supplies taking up valuable space. You no longer need to pay someone or make them responsible for placing supply orders or stocking.

Cleaning—we clean the machine frequently to keep it clean inside and out, which means no one is responsible for cleaning in the office.

If it breaks, we fix it!

Maintenance—if something breaks or goes wrong we will take care of it quickly to keep the machine running smoothly, and keep your staff happy.

Tamper Proof—the Zippy Machine is self enclosed and is locked for safety and to avoid any sort of tampering. It also contains several internal canisters which keeps the product fresh.